Green House conversations – Maha Al Asaker

Maha Al-Asaker is a freelance photographer and visual artist who explores a wide range of topics using various mediums and materials. Starting off as a photographer in 2006; now her interests has expanded to textiles, embroidery, natural dye, and weaving. Have you always known you wanted to be an artist? No… I never know what […]

Green House conversations – TM

Fehaid Al-Hajri (CEO) and Dr. Hamouda Al-Amri (CTO) are the founders of TM, an app that helps you find service providers closest to you. How did you get the idea for TM? Fehaid: We’ve been working in the Technology field for around 3 – 4 years. We’ve done a few projects here and there and […]

Green House Conversations – Blue Book

Our first guests on the couch are Faris and Mohammad from @bluebook.kwt: a trio of travelers who organize small group trips around the world. Their main passion is getting to know the culture and the people up-close; learning more about a country’s customs, food, art and everything in-between.  Why did you start Blue Book? Faris: […]

Sources of funding for startups and SMEs in Kuwait مصادر التمويل للشركات الناشئة والصغيرة والمتوسطة في الكويت

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by most startups and SMEs is funding. Whether it is required at the outset of starting a business or when the company reaches its growth stage, knowing where to go for funding and who to ask can pose a dilemma for entrepreneurs. In Kuwait, entrepreneurs are lucky to […]

H.E Khaled Al-Roudan speaks to entrepreneurs at niu Talk وزير التجارة الاستاذ خالد الروضان يتحدث للمبادرين في الحوار المفتوح المقام بنيو

  During the niu Talk held last month in Business District 1, H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Khaled Al-Roudan addressed a crowd of young entrepreneurs, advising them to unite their efforts and define their needs and requirements as an economic sector. Moreover, H.E. suggested that entrepreneurs […]

Artista: A star growing within the untapped markets of Kuwait ارتيستا: نجم ينمو في أسواق الكويت غير التقليدية

During her senior year of business school, niu member Anwaar Al-Asousi knew she wanted to turn one of her hobbies and interests into a potential career path. After deciding to take a summer to explore her passions, Anwaar traveled to the UK. It was there that she started noticing and appreciating all the intricacies of […]